The “Real” Crowd Estimate at the DC March 1.7 Million!

University of Illinois did a “space count” using a satellite and came up with a number count of 1.7 million people at the event. Sure beats 50 to 60k given out by a “WASHINGTON” official and somewhat more believable.

Check out this web site for more details from the Saturday’s March. Click Here! Yes Indeed! The People are Coming!

Click Here for more viable estimates.

Close to 2 Million according to Heritage Foundation – Read this One! Bottom Line Here IS…The Crowd was FREAKING HUGE! Republicans and Democrats…the message is clear. Your jobs are not secure. May need to be getting those resume’s updated!

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  • Bob Bezel  On September 30, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    University of Illinois say they never issued a “space count.” I just telephoned them to confirm.

    The “space count” they talk about refers to how much classroom space is required for a particular number of students. Nothing to do with crowd size estimates at the DC rally.

    The “ABC” estimate touted from the platform and twittered by Michelle Malkin was quickly denied by ABC. Malkin had the grace to apologize.

    Yet, cackling gullible morons who believe anything insist these numbers are correct.


  • keoughp  On October 10, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Don’t you get it Bob? It’s not about the numbers, although I was there photographing the event and there was an absolutely huge crowd. Its about the frustration so many Americans have with our elected officials who are not willing to listen to the people and are ignoring the Constitution of the United States. We are frustrated and frankly very worried about the socialistic direction Obama and his willing Democratic (and some Republican) Congressmen and Senators are taking us. Idiots. I don’t think so!

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